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How to add wild blueberries into your life

We are all on the go all the time. And we all know that feeling of not getting enough veg\fruit intake. We’ve created a list here of ways to add wild blueberries into your everyday life. And yes, even if you’re on the go. Home Made Pizza Making homemade pizza? Wild Blueberries are the perfect […]

Wild Blueberry Gift Guide

Wild Blueberry Gift Guide The Holidays are coming up and we created a wild blueberry gift guide for you. More than ever shopping locally has become a need. Nova Scotia Fisherman Blueberry Lip Balm  Doesn’t every get extra dry lips in the winter? Because over here we do as well. This gift is the perfect […]

Blue Pigment

What is blue Pigment? We all know blueberries are a beautiful blue colour, but did you know that blue pigment has a wide variety of benefits? To begin with, the blue pigment found in wild blueberries is one of the richest sources of anthocyanin pigments ( antho-flowering plan; cyanin-blue), all you need is a daily […]

Wild Blueberry Brie

  Thanksgiving is coming up and we are all looking for ideas on what to make/bring. This recipe is going to highlight a super delicious, easy-to-make appetizer that you can stun your guests with.  

Chicken & Wild Blueberry Sandwich

  You've hear of bacon jam, right? Well now we've got a new way to add fruit to your savory dishes that will impress even the toughest critics. Adding a layer of wild blueberry jam to any sandwich is a sure way to take the wow factor up a notch.