Canadians Love Wild Blueberries!

There is no better fruit than Canadian Wild Blueberries, they are full of good taste and good health! Coast to coast to coast, Canadians are in search of Canadian Wild Blueberries!

Are you looking for Canadian Wild Blueberries?

We make it easy for you! Simply look for the Canadian Wild Blueberry stamp. If you don’t see the stamp be sure to look for Canadian Wild Blueberries on the package or in the ingredients listing.

Interested in knowing the brands of Canadian Wild Blueberries sold by growers and processors? Or want to learn which manufacturers use Canadian Wild Blueberries as an ingredient? See the list below:

Growers & Processors

You can find Canadian Wild Blueberries in the following brands at a supermarket near you:

Europe’s Best
Forest Hills Wild Blueberries
Millen Farms
Moov Boreal
Nature’s Touch
Oxford Frozen Foods

Store Brands:

Compliments Organic – Sobeys
Great Value – Walmart
Irresistibles Organic – Metro
Presidents Choice – Loblaw

Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Canadian Wild Blueberries are used as an ingredient by the following brands. They can be found at a supermarket near you!

Bonne Maman
Country Harvest
E.D Smith
Farmers Dairy

Just Juice
Mountain Maple
Nature’s Path
PEI Juice Works
Pepper North

President’s Choice
Terra Beta
Van Dyk’s

Are you aware of other product brands that contain exclusively Canadian Wild Blueberries and can be found at leading supermarkets in Canada? Interested in our Canadian Wild Blueberries identification and licensing program? If so, we invite you to contact us at