Canadian Wild Blueberries are awesome!

Whether you purchase them fresh during harvest season or buy them frozen year-round, the benefits of wild blueberries are consistent no matter what time of year you buy them, or how you consume them.

Fresh Wild Blueberries

While wild blueberry producers are always focused on berry production, there is no busier time than the harvest season which takes place during the months of August and September. Depending on location and weather, the season can range from two to four weeks.

Fresh wild blueberries make their way to farmers’ markets, supermarkets, and restaurants. Some producers operate farmstands at the farm and may also operate U-picks. Product also makes its way to processors, where the berries are processed and then frozen.

Frozen Wild Blueberries

Wild blueberries that are shipped to processors are frozen with 24 hours of harvest while still at their peak! As a result, the berries do not lose their taste, goodness and antioxidants. And more good news; after freezing and while in storage, antioxidant levels remain high until consumption!

The good does not stop there; most processors freeze wild blueberries using a process called “Individually Quick Frozen” or IQF. This process prevents the berries from freezing together in large clumps! Every blueberry is frozen individually allowing you to easily access and portion out your wild blueberry needs for your recipe or smoothie.

Frozen Canadian Wild Blueberries can be found in the frozen section of a supermarket near you throughout Canada, twelve months a year!

100% Natural! Look for Canadian Wild Blueberries!