Wild blueberries are native to New Brunswick and other eastern provinces and have been an important crop for centuries

Wild blueberries have been growing in New Brunswick for thousands of years. While wild blueberries occur naturally in most regions in New Brunswick, the Northeast part of the province is particularly suited for commercial production given it its naturally flatter ground.

The modern wild blueberry industry in New Brunswick began to take shape in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Saint John, New Brunswick was a major port for the export of wild blueberries to Massachusetts and other states in the United States.

Currently, the province sells product in Canada and continues to export frozen wild blueberries all over the world. New Brunswick’s production of wild blueberries is over 83 million pounds annually!


Millions of pounds of wild blueberries produced annually in New Brunswick

Did you know?

Wild blueberries have proven to be one of the fastest growing sectors in New Brunswick, with revenue increases averaging over 25% per year.

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