Wild blueberries have existed on Prince Edward Island for over 10,000 years!

Thousands of years ago, Prince Edward Island was connected to the mainland through a large valley plain. Blueberry plants spread naturally to the island though this valley. As sea levels rose and glaciers retreated, the area became an island and wild blueberries began to emerge and establish. The rock free, level fields of Prince Edward Island that make potato farming favourable are also ideal for the growth and harvest of wild blueberries.

Currently, the province sells product within Canada and in addition exports frozen wild blueberries all over the world. PEI’s production of wild blueberries is over 34 million pounds annually!


Millions of pounds of wild blueberries produced annually in Prince Edward Island

Did you know?

Producers in Prince Edward Island manage about 13,000 acres of wild blueberry plants.

About 1% of the wild blueberries harvested are sold fresh, at supermarkets, farmers’ markets or private roadside stands. 99% of PEI’s wild blueberry crop is shipped to processors to be frozen and exported.

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