The Wild Blueberry harvests in Quebec became a significant industry in the 1980s

The wild blueberry industry in Quebec is a strong industry with a lot of pride. Wild blueberries from Quebec began to increase substantially in the 1930s with the access to railway systems to move product. The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region is the heart of wild blueberry production in Quebec as it is the most productive region.

Wild blueberries or “blue pearls” are a source of pride for Quebec with the region being a leader in developing organic and boreal branded wild blueberries.

Currently, the province sells product within Canada and in addition exports frozen wild blueberries all over the world. Quebec’s production of wild blueberries is over 120 million pounds annually!


Millions of pounds of wild blueberries produced annually in Quebec

Did you know?

Quebec has over 28,000 hectares of wild blueberries and harvests the largest volume of wild blueberries in Canada.

There are 3000 self-employed people who harvest wild blueberries in the forests of Quebec.

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le bleuet perle de p’tits fruits