How to add wild blueberries into your life

We are all on the go all the time. And we all know that feeling of not getting enough veg\fruit intake. We’ve created a list here of ways to add wild blueberries into your everyday life. And yes, even if you’re on the go.

Home Made Pizza

Making homemade pizza? Wild Blueberries are the perfect sweet toppings to add on. Add them on with your other ingredients then bake in the oven.


Top your plain yogurt off with fresh wild blueberries. This adds extra sweetness to your day. Plus, a ton of health benefits.


Super easy breakfast. Blend up your favourite foods which include wild blueberries and add them to your blender.

Charcuterie Board

Are you having some friends over and creating a charcuterie board? Add some wild blueberries to your board not only to add flavour but add some colour.


Why spread your toast with anything but wild blueberries? Grab your favourite wild blueberry jam and spread that toast up!


This little wild blue fruit is packed with anthocyanin pigments that protect our body from free radicals that are a major reason for early ageing and disease processes. Researchers from the past two decades have been studying this amazing fruit that can protect our health in so many ways. You’ll be reaching for these little sweet things time and time again.